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Welcome to the Old Mountains


We offer accommodation in 3 fully furnished apartments with a maximum capacity of 6 beds and with amazing views of the Aldrov ski slope and the surrounding countryside.

Apartments No. 2 and 6 are wheelchair accessible and are located on the 1st floor of the building. Apartment No. 8 is a duplex, ie with a staircase leading to the bedrooms upstairs.

Our apartments are marked "baby friendly". We think about the needs and safety of the little ones and that is why we have a cot, a bed barrier, a changing table, a high chair, dining utensils, toys and plugs for drawers. Apartment No. 8 is equipped with massive wooden barriers to the stairs.


Apartment No. 6

Apartment No. 8

Apartment No. 2


Layout 2 + kk

78 m2

2 - 6 people


Layout 2 + kk

77 m2

2 - 6 people


Layout 3 + kk

80 m2

2 - 5 people

What you don't have to take with you

Because we want you to experience a relaxing holiday with us with a lot of beautiful experiences, we have equipped all our apartments with the following items, which you do not have to pack with you. Less things to pack, less luggage and therefore less things you will forget at home :-). Come to us to enjoy the Giant Mountains.

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