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Welcome to the apartments
in the Old Mountains

Vítkovice in the Giant Mountains



Welcome to our website.

First, we will answer a question that must have occurred to you, why the name "Old Mountains?". We consider apartments in Vítkovice to be our second home. We simply love the mountains, and although we travel to the mountains and abroad, we consider our Krkonoše to be our heart's desire. When our older son was still young, he was not able to remember the name Vítkovice, so he marked with the words "old mountains" the mountains where we go most often (ie Vítkovice). The name of the old mountain has taken hold in our family so much that we use it to this day, even though our son is already big :-). The word old in this case does not mean historical or non-modern, but rather describes the tradition and love for this area. That is why in our apartments you will come across ceilings, interior doors and stairs made of pine, which grew next to the house and which was hand-made by a carpenter living in a cottage above our house :-). From the apartments there is a beautiful view of our Giant Mountains :-).

In a quiet part of the village Vítkovice in the Giant Mountains we offer for rent 3 apartments (each with a capacity of up to 6 beds). All are luxuriously equipped (detailed list can be found in the "Accommodation" section), all have a balcony (we recommend using it for breakfast or coffee and enjoying the surrounding countryside), garage parking (so in winter you do not have to throw snow from the car), storage room (skis , bicycles, etc.) and beautiful views of the valley and the opposite wooded hills.

Thanks to the excellent strategic position of Vítkovice, it is "a stone's throw away" to the famous places of the Giant Mountains, so you can visit, for example, Benecko, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Harrachov, Horní Mísečky, Špindlerův Mlýn, Janské lázně, etc. (details including tips for trips can be found in section "Activities").

We offer family or romantic walks (we will lend you a picnic basket with a blanket so that you can fully enjoy the romance :-)), mushroom picking, hiking, exploring natural beauty, attractions and monuments. For those who will have small children with them and also want to enjoy walks in nature, we will lend a stretcher :-).

Fans of winter sports will appreciate the snowy hills of the adjacent ski resorts, of which we have a really large number, as well as cross-country trails, which will take you to the ridges of the Giant Mountains. We promise that you will definitely not be bored with us.

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