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Dear guests, we ask you to follow the instructions given in the operating rules of the rented buildings. They are designed to ensure good conditions for accommodation for all guests.


  • for accommodation and related services, the accommodated is obliged to pay according to the current valid price list of the landlord.

  • The landlord is obliged, based on the ordered and confirmed accommodation, to accommodate the accommodated on the day of the start of the stay from 14:00 to 17:00 on the day of arrival, unless otherwise agreed.

  • at the beginning of the accommodation takes over the accommodated apartment without defects, any defects must be reported immediately to the landlord, later notification will not be taken into account.

  • if there is any damage to the apartment in the interior or exterior and its equipment / equipment negligently or intentionally, the guest is obliged to compensate the damage. This amount for the damage will be paid from the paid refundable deposit and in the case of the amount of damage exceeding this deposit, the guest undertakes to pay this damage no later than 14 days from the end of the rental.

  • Resident is obliged to pass on the day of departure no later than 10:00 am (unless otherwise agreed), apartment accommodation provider in the state in which it was received (including the same number of keys and remote control).

  • before departure, the guest will clean the building. In the event that the accommodated person does not perform the cleaning or does not want to perform it, he will notify the owner in advance and pay the accommodation provider an amount of CZK 500.

  • the accommodated person will pay a refundable deposit of CZK 5,000 to the landlord upon arrival and will be refunded in full upon departure if no damage is caused to the landlord.

  • the apartment can be used only by persons who are contractually accommodated in this apartment. Upon arrival, the accommodation provider will be presented with a list of accommodated guests, incl. children. This will be in the form…. Name, surname, address of residence and ID card or passport number of a person older than 15 years. For persons under 15 years of age, only the name and address will suffice.


  • the guest is obliged to maintain order and cleanliness in the apartment, in the building and its surroundings.

  • the accommodated person is obliged to sort the waste and collect the rubbish at a place designated for that purpose.

  • When leaving the apartment, the guest is obliged to turn off the lights, close the windows, make sure that the water taps are closed and lock both the apartments themselves and the entrance door to the building at night . We draw special attention to the closing of windows, due to the possibility of water flowing into the building.

  • the accommodated person may not move the furniture and make any modifications to the equipment in the apartment without the consent of the landlord, nor may he make any interventions in the electrical network or other installations.

  • inside or outside the apartment and the house is not allowed to use any own appliances except for appliances intended for personal hygiene or babysitters. Radios or other players are only permitted with the written consent of the operator.

  • in the whole apartment and the house is strictly non-smoking . At the same time, smoking from open windows or doors is prohibited. Smoking is possible on the balconies and outside the house, while cigarette butts must not be thrown on the floor. In case of violation, the so-called "refundable deposit" will not be returned to the guest.

  • due to fire safety, any manipulation of the fire in the entire building is prohibited in order to prevent a possible fire.

  • making a fire is allowed only in a place designated for that purpose, and thus there is a fireplace with seating on the land of the house. The guest, who uses an outdoor fireplace, is obliged to properly put out the fire when leaving.

  • the guest is obliged to respect the night quiet (22:00 - 7:00).

  • the children are responsible and responsible for their legal representative. The adult bears full responsibility for any damage caused by the child.

  • parents of toddlers and children are responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the apartment, especially for protecting mattresses from pollution by children who are not yet able to maintain personal hygiene.


  • every guest is obliged to secure their belongings so that they are not stolen or damaged, including things in parked cars. The landlord is not liable for their loss or damage.

  • the landlord has taken all measures to prevent damage to the health of the accommodated. During normal operation, the landlord is not responsible for the health of the guests. We therefore ask guests not to leave entrusted persons unattended. The health and life of the guests are not insured by the landlord.

  • at the end of the accommodation, the guest is obliged to leave the vacated apartment by 10:00, unless otherwise agreed. The apartment is obliged to clean properly (if you do not pay for cleaning) and remove the pillowcases and blankets.

  • in the event that the guest hands over the apartment with incomplete or damaged equipment, he will be charged damage in full of the original price, even in the event of any damage to outdoor equipment, the building itself, or loss of keys.

  • financial compensation cannot be recovered by the accommodated person in case of damage caused by natural influences (storm, hail, excessive insects, etc.) and in case of closure of public facilities or services unrelated to the cottage, poor water quality in rivers or lakes, excessive insects and other circumstances.

  • It is possible to get to the building by car only on access roads and to park in a place designated for cars.

  • Guests who do not respect these rules of the operating rules will be expelled (without compensation) in the event of a breach before the originally agreed date of departure, provided that the guest pays for the fully provided accommodation and services.


  • In case of serious interest, we will send you by e-mail the general conditions, on the basis of which you will pay by bank transfer to the bank account within 5 days of booking a deposit of 30% of the price of the stay . This deposit becomes non-refundable in case of cancellation 5 days or less before the start of the stay.

  • Surcharge total price by bank transfer before arrival or in cash on the day of the visit,


· Emergency call 112 · First aid 155 · Fire brigade 150 · Police 158 · Landlord +420 724 055 192

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